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Track your product ranking for multiple keywords


The Best Product Rank and Keyword Tracker You’ll Ever Use

AMZ Tracker is an effective Amazon keyword tracker that monitors your keyword performance and makes it easier for you to track your product’s ranking for any keyword.

Get insights into your
product’s ranking

When it comes to keywords, optimizing your listing with them is
not where it ends. You need to monitor the performance of your
keywords to see if they have any positive impact on your ranking.
With AMZ Tracker, you can discover where your product ranks for
specific keywords. In addition to your ranking position,
AMZ Tracker displays the changes in your rank over time as well
as estimated monthly search volume for the keywords you track.

These insights help you know if your optimization efforts are
paying off, and what you need to improve on.

View rank history of your

The Keywords tool provides important information about
keywords so that you can use the data as actionable points for
your SEO and PPC strategy. Discover the estimated monthly
search volume for both main keywords and keyword
suggestions. Find out how the keyword has performed over time
with the Seasonality Indicator. Ascertain how relevant the
keyword is to your product with the Relevancy Score.

Spy on your competitors’
keyword performance

AMZ Tracker allows you to perform a Reverse ASIN lookup on
your top competitor’s product and track their current rank and
rank history for the high-traffic keywords you are targeting. By
comparing your keyword performance to theirs, you get to
analyze their SEO strategy, see what they’re doing better, and
improve your game.

Tracking Your Keyword Rank with AMZ Tracker Will Help You

  • Monitor the impact of your listing optimization strategies
  • Analyze possible reasons for the decline in your ranking and
    what changes should be made
  • Discover what optimization and promotional methods work or
    don’t work
  • Improve underperforming product listings and outrank your
  • Increase your rankings, drive traffic to your listings, and boost sales

Track keywords with AMZ Tracker

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. AMZ Tracker is an Amazon analysis tool with which sellers can view current and historical ranking data for specific keywords. Ie, what position on Amazon does this specific product rank for this specific keyword.

A. To use AMZ Tracker, first, copy and paste the ASIN of the product listing you want to get information about. Next, enter the specific keywords you would like to track. AMZ Tracker will generate the product’s rank, monthly search volume, and weekly keyword trend.

A. Yes, AMZ Tracker allows you to track your top competitors’ top-performing keywords. This way, you get to compare your keyword performance with theirs and learn from their keyword strategy.